George Strodtbeck III of SBTI


SBTI’s training programs might not be what one would initially expect – traditional education delivered in a classroom setting or via the web for a grade or certificate of completion. Rather, our strategically aligned training programs are deployed in your organization to deliver breakthrough results and enable your people to solve problems within your organization they would have otherwise been unable to solve on their own, thus transforming your organization through cultural change and innovation.

We provide multiple levels of training designed to enable organizations to rapidly mobilize for a successful deployment. Our training is both comprehensive and pragmatic to assure that your employees will apply their new knowledge for the benefit your organization.

SBTI training is also designed to deliver measurable results that will appear in both the top and bottom lines of your company’s financial statements.  To this end, we deploy training with a strategic mindset whereby your employees are assigned chartered projects that are strategically aligned, so that successfully completed projects translate to a step towards achieving your organization’s strategic goals. Certifications are only available for those who complete the training requirements and prove their competence in successfully utilizing their new skills within your organization.

SBTI also provides the following training services:

  • Advanced Belt Skills Training
  • Coaching & Mentoring
  • Design for Six Sigma (DFSS) Green & Black Belt Training
  • Just-in-Time Training
  • Lean Kaizen Facilitation Training
  • Lean Leader Training
  • Lean Product Design (LPD) Training
  • Lean Sigma Operations & Transactional Black Belt (Advanced Project Leader) Training
  • Lean Sigma Operations & Transactional Green Belt (Project Leaders) Training
  • Lean Sigma White Belt (Awareness) Training
  • Lean Sigma Yellow Belt (Team) Training
  • Lean Six Sigma Process Design (SSPD) Training
  • Marketing with Six Sigma (MWSS) Training
  • Master Black Belt (Deployment Leader) Training
  • Simulation Facilitation Training
  • Train-the-Trainer

The combination of SBTI’s consulting and training services will elevate your organization to an entirely new level of performance.