SBTI helps companies perform and transform.

SBTI, a business consulting and change management company, is a viable source for multiple industry professionals. We make our clients succeed with an effort to increase revenue and productivity. Identifying challenges in any particular industry is a common goal when competing for the number one spot! That’s why the professionals at SBTI come together to address the biggest challenges and the know-how to conquer them. With $20 billion in shareholder value delivered, SBTI continues to make an impact. It’s just what we do.

Our strength is in our approach.

SBTI’s Four Dimensions of Client Engagement has been proven successful for over 20 years and for over 400 clients. By creating the right course of action, we work with you to implement the right corporate deployments through market development, change management, and growth strategies.

We can get you there.

We have the know-how.

SBTI has the expertise, experience and global presence required to help your organization reach it’s goals. Our team of leaders and their global consulting team strive for prosperity, face the challenges head-on, and win the race.

It’s a result you can expect.

SBTI helps companies perform and transform.

SBTI’s Four Dimensions of Client Engagement has been proven successful for over 20 years and for over 400 clients.

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Who We Are

Recognized as one of the original innovators and perpetual thought leaders in business process improvements, SBTI is a global management consulting firm specializing in deployment of powerful business and process improvement methodologies.

SBTI delivers innovative and sustainable business process excellence solutions by thoroughly listening to our clients, understanding their goals, and processes, designing a deployment plan that addresses our clients’ needs, and together with clients executing with a focus only on their success and with the mind set of rapid results, lasting culture and behavior change.




of Shareholder Value Delivered


Difference Makers Unleashed

Communication is at the Heart of Success or Failure!

“I know you believe you understand what you think I said, but I am not sure you realize that what you heard is not what I meant.” — Richard M. Nixon By Jim Longshore (VP at SBTI) and Mike Turner (Global Quality Mgr, DFSS at GM). Jim and Mike have coached or led...

To Kaizen or Not to Kaizen, That is The Question.

I know Shakespeare really wasn’t talking about Lean or Lean Sigma, but he was right about the difficulty of decisions. It’s especially true of organizations that are fully engaged in continuous improvement or operational excellence. What’s the best approach to getting...

Management By Buzzword…

Transformation…agile…innovation…breakthrough…growth hacking…blah, blah, blah.  All words used by management to tell people of the company that BIG changes are coming. What’s left out are words like…resources…time consuming… difficult…complicated.  The main reason only...

When You Do Private Equity Well

  It’s clear to me when you do private equity well, you’re making companies more efficient and helping them grow and become more profitable. That success means our investors – such as public pension funds – benefit, which contributes to the economic wealth of...

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Our approach to client engagement is right in our name, SBTI:

Strategy. Breakthrough. Transformation. Innovation.


SBTI remains committed to upholding the values and culture that have helped our clients achieve success over the past 20 years.