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SBTI Fundamental Differences

Why is SBTI worthy of your consideration when contemplating consulting help? SBTI has unique strengths that make us stand out in the cluttered universe of continuous improvement consultants:



From our leadership to the direct support consultants, our people are experienced, diverse and global. We have worked across the spectrum of company types from heavy industrial to chemical. Our people have served in senior leadership positions, understanding decision making complexity because we have been there. We are positioned to work in partnership with you to help you be successful. This is our purpose.


We apply a Listen-Design-Execute methodology. Our first step always to determine whether or not we can help you. If we don’t believe that we are the right option for you, we will tell you before you spend any money with us. If we are convinced that we can bring value to your organization, we will design an approach that is uniquely suited to your needs. We will agree together on deliverables and work to fulfill that promise.


We help our clients solve problems which they otherwise have been unable to solve on their own. With a top-down approach, we problem solve with a strategic mind set, deliver breakthrough sustainable results and transform organizations through innovation, rather than implementing ineffective traditional head count and cost cutting measures that delivers only short-term results.  We help organizations become stronger, more competitive and set new standards of performance in their market place through operational excellence, product innovation and financial success.


We have a deep background in all facets of continuous improvement. We are not restricted to any single approach and see our tools (Lean, Six Sigma, etc.) as part of comprehensive tool box that provide options when fulfilling our promise to you. We vary our tool set based upon your unique needs, and will apply only what works given your business and the nature of your goals and objectives.

SBTI’s goal is to help you be more successful than you already are. Let us prove our worth and value to you and your organization. Schedule a listening session with SBTI today.