The 4-Dimension process begins with developing the right STRATEGY for your organization’s current and future needs. We assess current operations and identify levers for acceleration and improvement. To BREAKTHROUGH we work with you to implement corporate deployments that will use existing processes and products to drive results. We then engage with you to assess, plan and execute a TRANSFORMATION of operations, everything from plant layout to global footprints and supply chains. Finally, to drive product and process, INNOVATION is key and we excel at working with our clients from concept development to production. We link innovation through strategy, core competency and marketing position.


SBTI works with its clientele to understand their strategy in order to deliver competitive advantage and to create shareholder value. We assess current operations and identify gaps or levers for acceleration and improvement. Then we design an approach to drive the right projects to achieve the strategic goals.


Breakthrough requires levels of process excellence that cannot be achieved without significant output change. SBTI helps its clients successfully implement corporate deployments which have elements that focus on taking existing processes and products and driving breakthrough results. This can be achieved by a combination of reducing defects and variation and increasing the velocity or throughput of a process. This is SBTI’s DNA.


When unrelenting global competition requires our clients to look beyond incremental change, our clients look at footprints, supply chains, or plant layouts. Consequently, SBTI regularly engages our clients in activities to assess, plan and execute transformations from plant layout to global footprints and supply chains.


Driving product and process innovation is key to market growth, SBTI excels at working with our clientele from concept development to production. We help our client’s link innovation through strategy, core competency and market positioning. 


When our hospital embark on using Lean and Six Sigma methodologies to improve processes in our surgical services, there were not a lot of health care organizations using these methodologies. That is why it was important for us to partner with SBTI for their expertise and guidance. Our doctors and staff are embracing the improvements we have made which have resulted in greater efficiencies in our surgical areas.

Doug Leonard, President & CEO
Columbus Regional Health

SBTI has brought to Celanese a powerful, but easy-to apply toolset in Lean Sigma. The SBTI approach not only enables our people to achieve sound operational and financial improvements on our processes, but generates excitement and ownership in them. This is a key success factor for sustainable results. —Antonio Rodriguez, Site Director, Cangrejera, Veracruz, Mexico Celanese

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Brad Walton

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