Man in a suit wearing a hard hat in a factory reviewing plans.

Analysis & Design

In working with leadership teams over the last 18 years we see three recurring issues that frustrate them:

  • Key talent in their companies are working on symptoms and not root causes
  • Improvement projects aren’t always in sync with the business priorities
  • The results from improvement efforts don’t appear in the financial statements

SBTI’s Design service offering is part of our Listen. Design. Execute approach. It is designed to address these issues.

The Design step utilizes rigorous data analysis and empirical observation to get beneath the veneer of symptoms and drive down to an understanding of root causes. We work with our clients to identify the levers that will affect and eliminate root cause of key issues.

Inevitably this process identifies many improvement opportunities that we feed into an improvement project matrix. These projects are prioritized using two lenses—one, the investor lens—clearly identifying how they will move the dial in the financial statements—impact on revenue growth, profitability and cash flow. Concurrently, we examine how well these projects align with your business strategy and the impact on your end customer.

Together these lenses help build an improvement project pipeline that is tightly linked to business priorities, delivers financial results and does so at greater pace.

A well set up Design Phase easily identifies near term opportunity to pay for its investment but more critically sets your organization up for long term success. To learn more, schedule a listening session today.