Does your soon-to-retire leadership have confidence in its successors?


Today’s complex business environment demands the targeted development of personal attributes in relation to your needed leadership competencies along with fundamental skills.

These do not happen by chance. They are developed within the context of the unique issues your business faces. Our leadership development roadmap includes the selection of people with potential and an assessment of:

1) their personal attributes associated with successful business outcomes

2) their business leadership competencies

Then comes the assessment of both senior leaders and aspirants in their thinking and communicating styles, both normally and under stressed situations. This sets the stage to at least allow you to know what you have to work with and more importantly, how to developmentally work with all of them. Now comes a critical part: the delineation of your corporate initiatives into measurable outcomes, which are then broken down into individualized stretch assignments and positional rotations to enhance personal attributes and leadership competencies while being highly focused in pursuit of high collective corporate goals. There’s still a question that has to be asked: are the fundamental skills throughout the organization in place with a successful application history so that the success of the firm is complete?

Please contact Bob Jeske at 512 353 7489 or and schedule a listening session where you can describe your unique challenges and we can discuss the adaptability of our roadmap to your needs.