SBTI Vice President Al Landers was recently invited to interview for The Debrief, a newsletter for HBDI (Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument) Certified Practitioners. Herrmann helps organizations adapt to today‚Äôs technological advances and economic changes through Transformative Thinking. In the interview, Al Landers shares details about the executive presence programs SBTI offers to help professionals learn how to talk about their work and the value they bring, in a way that will resonate with different leaders and influencers.

Read the full interview HERE.

As Vice President, Al is responsible for helping customers drive innovation into all aspects of their organization along with deploying Lean Six Sigma, consulting and executive coaching. Prior to joining SBTI, Al was the VP of Innovation at a multi-national manufacturing organization and has worked in the Chemical, Building products and Engineered Wood Products Industries. While at SBTI, Al has provided strategic and executive level Deployment Consulting in several chemical, manufacturing, bio-sciences and Health Care organizations, as well as project coaching and mentoring to Green, Black and Master Black Belts he has trained. Al is a certified Herrmann Brain Dominance practitioner and a certified Black Belt who teaches and mentors Green, Black and Master Black Belts. He earned a PhD in Chemistry from the University of Delaware and has a number of awards, patents and publications.