Transformation…agile…innovation…breakthrough…growth hacking…blah, blah, blah.  All words used by management to tell people of the company that BIG changes are coming. What’s left out are words like…resources…time consuming… difficult…complicated. 

The main reason only one side of the coin is addressed is that, all too often, the roadmap to accomplishment is not well understood.

How does this happen?

  • Your CEO plays golf with another CEO who extols the virtues of some great thing being done in his/her company. It’s producing great results and “transforming” the company. Your CEO comes back and tells the corporate staff to do it.
  • A consultant sells your company leadership on a plan that guarantees “breakthrough” results. What’s more, the consultant has a secret formula that makes the change faster, cheaper and easier than the consultant’s competition.
  • The last “innovation” failed to produce expected results. Time to try the new one that the business press is talking about.
  • A newly appointed executive decides that what the company has been doing has outlived its usefulness. The directive goes out that we need to become more “agile”
  • Sometimes all of these things happen at the same time!

When management by buzzword is the primary tool, is it any wonder that the people in your company are skeptical when it comes to the next big change?

Why does this happen? The reality is simple. Very few people have actually taken a company all the way to the full accomplishment of an organizational change and so don’t really know how to do it or what it takes.

We have. We cannot only get you started, but we have done it and can provide the roadmap to success.

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