At SBTI, we take that fear out of the equation. We have a pedigree of driving lasting culture change within the world’s leading companies and have delivered 48 company-wide transformations that delivered over $20 billion in shareholder value.

SBTI has a three-step approach that differentiates us from other consulting groups. This three-step approach is called Listen, Design, and Execute and mitigates the risk associated with hiring an external consultant.

In the Listen phase, we collect pertinent data about your business, analyze that, and then in a face-to-face session, review that information and your current business state with you and your staff. The goal of the Listen step is to understand your problem and determine if there is a business case in which SBTI can help you deliver those results. The Listen session is risk-free, and there is no charge for our time, which takes any apprehension out of the process. Such an approach also allows for you and your staff to be open and honest, and for us to be good listeners and give you feedback as to whether or not there is a compelling opportunity that we can move forward. If SBTI or the client decides that there is not an opportunity to move forward, then that’s it, that’s the end of the session, and that’s the end of the commitment. And again, it was all free of charge.

The second step of SBTI’s unique three-step approach is called the Design phase. If a business case was agreed upon in the Listen phase and we agreed to move forward together, then we will come in and do a deeper dive in to the organization, or make an assessment that will determine where we will apply resources, where we will cultivate the results to help improve your business situation.

In this Design phase, we will determine what the appropriate course of action will be. We will determine timelines, projects, resources required in order to deliver the results. This step is also risk-free, because if SBTI cannot find a significant enough business case to cover the cost of the Design phase, then we will walk away and not charge you a thing. In the Design phase, we are looking to not only cover our costs, but deliver to you at least a five-times earnings on your investment. I don’t know many organizations that provide that type of a guarantee. Again, if we cannot find significant ROI to pay for this Design step, then we will withdraw, and you will not be charged any fees.

If in the Design phase, we find a business case that we both mutually agree upon and move forward, we will then enter the third step of SBTI’s unique approach, called the Execute phase. In this phase, we will work with your organization to develop your people into change agents and arm them with the tools required to deliver significant results to the business.

The Execute phase is designed to deliver results, build a problem-solving change management capability within your organization, and for building the internal change agents and giving them the confidence, tools, and wherewithal to drive lasting change for you and your organization.

SBTI has a history of success with our clients and believes that the Listen, Design and Execute approach truly minimizes the risk of selecting a consultant that you can trust, and partner with to achieve your organizations goals.

If you are interested in hearing how SBTI can help your company, call me today at 512-353-7489 or email me at to schedule your risk-free Listen session, and put your organization on the path to success.