How many improvement philosophies can there be?

We had:

  • Plan Do Check Act
  • Lean
  • Toyota Production System
  • Kaizen
  • 5s
  • Six Sigma
  • And many more…

Six Sigma is a few decades old—surely it must be on its last legs?

Many companies want to utilize the most effective tool and want to stamp their own cultural legacy. We often see a pendulum effect swinging forth say lean to six sigma and back. The reality is businesses have become more complex. The rate of change has accelerated. Our problems are more challenging and require more rapid resolution.

At SBTI lean sigma is our DNA not our dogma.

We solve complex problems with surgical precision. This avoids training lots of people and getting no results.  There are 3 keys to how we ensure rapid results and sustainable behavior change:

  1. We identify projects that move the dial in the financial statements
  2. We focus on completing these projects with surgically precise teams
  3. We surround the improvements with behavior change so the benefits stick.

Learn more about our process that has created more than 50 billion dollars in shareholder value. Contact us today!

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