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Purchase a License to Use SBTI’s Training Materials

For clients who are interested in internalizing their own training program, SBTI offers its clientele the option to purchase a license to use its world class proprietary intellectual property (IP), SBTI Performance Improvement Methodology Consulting & Training Materials. The ability to use SBTI’s IP will enable such clients to leverage SBTI’s training materials for their own benefit.  Meaning that client’s Master Black Belts may use the very same set of training materials to educate its employees that SBTI’s consultants use to serve our clientele, including course agendas, slides, roadmaps, exercises, data sets, tool templates and instructor notes. This is advantageous to our clientele in that they need not reinvent the wheel by leveraging SBTI’s decades of experience and knowledge by simply licensing high quality preexisting materials, rather than waste time and money trying to create training materials from scratch. Thus, licensing allows our clientele to focus its resources on more critical matters in a timelier manner that will ultimately drive a greater value to their organization. A wide variety of IP is available for licensing covering many different methodologies and topics.  SBTI also offers customization, translation and Train-the-Trainer services for such IP, which allows the client to leverage the value of the IP to even a greater degree.

What Is Provided?

  • A non-exclusive, perpetual, corporate-wide license to use a specified set of SBTI’s training materials.
  • Material updates for a period of one year from initial date of delivery with an option to receive annual updates thereafter.
  • Electronic files in fully editable Microsoft PowerPoint presentation accessible through SBTI’s Microsoft SharePoint site.
  • Training materials are available with Minitab statistical software integrated as SBTI’s standard offer.
  • Data files for Minitab: Many of the training materials sets make regular use of statistical software to support the instructional experience and the participants’ ability to apply the tool. The data files contain example data sets pertinent to the tool application at that juncture in the learning.
  • Tool templates in Microsoft Word, Excel or PowerPoint. For example, C&E Matrix template, FMEA template, etc.
  • Simulation kits, training props and learning aids such as ProdSim®, catapults and airplane-launchers are not included, but may be purchased separately.


  • All materials follow clear roadmaps which have underpinned SBTI’s client successes over the last 20+ years. Training materials are the most current version used by our instructors in the field.

Available IP

  • Operations Lean Six Sigma Training Materials: Black Belt (BB), Green Belt (GB), Yellow Belt (YB), White Belt (WB)
  • Transactional Lean Six Sigma Training Materials: Black Belt (BB), Green Belt (GB), Six Sigma Process Design (SSPD)
  • Lean Product Development (LPD) Training Materials: Black Belt (BB) & Green Belt (GB)
  • Lean Training Materials: Lean Leader (LL), Kaizen & 5S

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