The process for organizations to evaluate, challenge and prepare future leaders.

 This series of blogs (this is number 4) has already commented on personal attributes and leadership competencies of individual high potential future executive leaders.  This blog lists stretch assignment types to help them strengthen and prepare for the C-Suite.  Stretch assignment types are linked to strategic initiatives where the weight of a shared responsibility for successful outcomes is mandatory and senior management provides mentorship.  Stretch assignment types include: leading a large organization, managing a P&L, leading multiple regions or businesses, running a start up, overseeing a transformation and managing a corporate wide function.  Each of these either stresses or takes advantage of the individuals’ personal attributes and current leadership competencies in order to strengthen them.  As an example, when the strategic opportunity to manage a corporate wide function arises, this assignment type will stress, (develop) the manager’s leadership competencies of: change leadership, inclusiveness, collaboration and influence, and strategic orientation.  The individual will have to rely on and hone their personal attributes of curiosity, determination, engagement and insight to succeed.  For any of this to happen it’s assumed the organization has the high potential future leadership talent.  But, how does an organization even develop and recognize early career potential?  That will be addressed in the next blog.

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