a group of people during an SBTI Workshops



Our Leadership workshops are key critical success factors for your program. Our Executive, Champion, Financial and HR Workshops, are specifically tailored to the appropriate client and audience. We talk to the Executive and Champion groups, and the Human Resources and Financial functions at their level and with their language. We look to hear them explain, in their own words, what they are trying to accomplish and gain a consensus towards what they are expecting to accomplish.

SBTI takes these workshops seriously. A workshop by our definition is an intensive interactive training where participants carry out a variety of activities to solve actual work related issues rather than listen to passive presentations. These aren’t sit back and listen sessions. Be prepared to work.

The Executive Workshop is a session devoted to assessing the base knowledge of the Executive team and understanding their views of the important strategic issues for the company. It provides an opportunity for understanding the key tools and approaches and lays out for them their role and responsibility.

Champion Workshops are key to the success of a program and so we ensure that Champions understand their company’s Lean Sigma Program and their role in it. Topics include understanding the difference between Lean Sigma and other programs, reviewing the key tools, picking projects and people and coaching and reviewing them. We also make sure that Champions have the knowledge to ask the right questions. The scope of their role includes identifying and selecting high impact projects to successful completion of projects.

Human Resources and Finance are the two most critical functions when it comes to insuring a successful program outcome. In both our Financial and Human Resource Workshops we strive to develop a partnership with the Lean Sigma teams and provide an overview of the program and an understanding of the Lean Sigma methodology. In the Finance Workshop, clear financial targets are developed that impact the business and send a message that Lean Sigma is not just a quality program. The Human Resources Workshop focuses on developing a sustainable infrastructure by developing the process to identify the right people for the program and the career path planning necessary for success. The workshop also focuses on change management needs important for your culture.

Our workshops provide your team with the knowledge of the Lean Sigma program. With this understanding we are able to explain to them how our methodology, in the hands of skilled practitioners, can help them reach their goals. This level of understanding brings about a commitment and accountability within the Executive, Champion, Financial and Human Resources ranks to successfully launch your programs.